Book Presence in a Digital Age

Here is the first of a four-part series of highlights from the wonderful symposium “Book Presence in a Digital Age” organised by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, which I was lucky enough to attend last year. Speakers in this clip include Jessica Pressman, Doug Beube, and Garrett Stewart. The clip also contains some extracts from my discussion of Dmitri Prigov and the iterations of the book. The full set of four recordings is available here.


About Jacob Edmond

Jacob Edmond is associate professor in English at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He is the author of Make It the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media (Columbia University Press, 2019), A Common Strangeness: Contemporary Poetry, Cross-Cultural Encounter, Comparative Literature (Fordham University Press, 2012), and of numerous essays, which have appeared in journals such as Comparative Literature, Contemporary Literature, Poetics Today, Slavic Review, and The China Quarterly.
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